"Learn how to mix your music to sound incredible or allow me to do the job for you!"

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"The work with Lorenz Stanze was once again great and very professional. Once you have recorded a song with several tracks, you know how many stumbling blocks there are and how laborious and time-consuming the detailed work involved can be. Lorenz Stanze faces this challenge with great passion. He knows exactly what is important and responds to every wish of his customers. Satisfaction is very important here, very good! Full five stars for Flying Studios, Berlin!"

Johannes Scheurich
Leipzig, Germany


Have you recorded your music yourself but can't get it to sound the way you want?

If you hand your tracks over to me, you'll receive a crafted distraction-free master which sounds amazing in all environments and impresses your fans with the pureness of your music.


"The best stage sound we've ever had. Even with a seven-person band, vocals, strings and rapidly changing parts. The audience was very happy, as well. Absolutely relaxed, friendly and professional cooperation. Warmest recommendation!"

The Fabulous P-Boiz
Berlin, Germany


Are you tired of hours of soundcheck and still can't hear yourself well on stage during the concert?

Being a musician myself I know exactly what that feels like. I'll do my utmost to provide you with a stage-sound that empowers you to give the performance of your life by hearing the whole band perfectly clear on stage.


"Very pleasant, dedicated sound engineer. Also conjures up a clear sound from a noise show in a small location. Anyone looking for cooperation with someone who is passionate about it has found the right place for a good sound. Relaxed, reliable and passionate. Highly Recommended."

The Garlic We Crush
Berlin, Germany


Are you a singer-songwriter or a small ensemble like a choir or A-capella-group?

Let my fly the studio to your own place and capture your music in the room you feel most comfortable and relaxed in.


"We had a very good recording experience with lorenz. He is a very friendly guy who loves the music and this meant that during the process of recording he was motivating the musicians well and coming up with useful suggestions. We could have worked better together during the mixing process but in the end we had a very good recording that we were happy with. Have fun flying with lorenz. X"

Dirty Feetz
Berlin, Germany


So, you published your music in all stores for your fans to listen to, but everyone wants to see something...

Let's take one day to record some video footage of you performing your music and I will compose a beautiful narrative in pictures that accompanies your music.

"Lorenz Stanze can certainly deal with modern technology such as digital desks and remains patient and calm even in case of difficulties. An extremely pleasant tour companion who is also capable of multitasking. He manages to make good sound while still recording a video. Clear recommendation."

The Early Tapes
Berlin, Germany

The Art Of Overdoing And Backing Off

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Find the perfect settings for every equalizer, compressor or effect with this one principle. Ignore the numbers, know what to listen for and develop your own taste along the way. 

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